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In the documentry film about Leopold Kozlovsky (who I had the honor to meet) he says: "beeing a klezmer it's not something you can teach, it must come of your MAME (mother) stomach." - watch that part


I was born that way. To my Yiddishe Mame. influenced by the old traditions of life - languages, music, food, religious spectrum of life.


All of those gave me the right 'Tool Box' for the young Klezmer.

In Modern times, when the young Jewish state already exists, I had to develop my own 'Klezmer' style. you see, SHTETLE's or Jewish communities were no longer reachable in Eastern Europe. 


Now there's a whole new life based on our new creations. and old stories, it keeps us alive, gives us the next new Klezmer NIGGUN (melody), the next new Yiddish song or poem, the next new Klezmer combination.


like the beloved 'Blues Brothers' - who says "we're in a mission from God", so do I - I really believe that matching Klezmer & Yiddish culture to our modern times is my mission from God.


and as for me. I'm Gal Klein. Born and raise in KFAR SABA, ISRAEL. I'm a Klezmer (Jewish Musician), Clarinet player, Yiddish singer and lover, Balkan & swing player (the klezmer use to live among Gipsy and Balkan players in Europe, and among Jazz musicians in USA), Bachelor of the Jerusalem Music Academy, a student for an M.A. in Yiddish literature. Dream on acting in the Yiddish Theatre. until then - creating my own Yiddish world. Peace. שלום

Photo by Ilya Bazarsky
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